29.90 EUR

SUEDE CLASSIC BABY MIA AND MIKA MOCCASINS are a LIMITED EDITION and only available in our shop for a short period of time.
Made with the wish to use every single piece of leather we buy!
Leather is a naturaly material that comes with smaller and bigger marks on the upper smoth surface. We wanted to be even more enviromentaly consuious and this is why we decided to offer this suede moccs so every piece of leather can become something beautiful.

Mia & Mika baby moccasins have a minimalist design and an elastic opening, so they are easy to put on and jet they stay on the child's feet.
Made from baby safe certified vegetable tanned leather that is chrome free.
The soft soled moccasins or moccs how some call them are suitable for indore and light outdoore use, but ONLY IN DRY CONDITIONS.
The naturally soft and breathable sole is the best footwear for children jet developing a sense of balance and young walkers, because it follows the principle of walking with bare foot.
Our moccasins & boots are handmade by order with a lot of love, passion and care, so please allow up to 5 working days, for your order to be made & ready to ship.
To choose the right sizes, please measure the babys feet & refer to the SIZE CHART here.

Semiš copatki so nastali z željo, da vsak kos usnja, dobi priložnost, da postane nekaj lepega.
Gre za omejeno izdajo, ki je na voljo samo, do razprodaje zalog.

Certificirano naravno strojeno usnje, ki ni bilo obdelano s kromom!

Ročno narejeno v Sloveniji!

Mia & Mika mokasinčki so prepoznavnega minimalističnega dizajna.
Elastika, ki se skriva v robu copatka omogoča, da se mokasinčki ne sezuvajo in hkrati otroka ne tiščijo. Mokasinčke delamo le po naročilu, zato potrebujemo do 5 delovnih dni, da vam jih izdelamo in odpošljemo.

Za izbiro prave velikosti, se prosim obrnite na tabelo velikosti.